Other Services

Micro-chipping - With the worrying increase in dog napping, and the fear of your dog escaping, the safest way to put your mind at ease is with Micro-chipping. Dirty Dogs are qualified to offer this service. The chip is inserted into the back of the dog’s neck, and all your details are sent to Pet Log who will then enter them into their main database. Your information is kept confidential, however if your dog did ever go missing and was found, the dog would be scanned and your dogs personal ID code will come up. The ID code would then be put into a main database and your contact details would become available so that they can reunite you with your dog ASAP.

Retail - Dirty Dogs offer a wide range of retail all at competitive prices, from leads, to dog food. We also sell nutrients, wormers and dog cologne to keep your dog smelling gorgeous in between its visit to the salon. In addition, if we don’t have something in stock that you specifically want, ask us and we can try and get it for you. For more information please call the dog wash on 01384 262071 and speak to Richard.

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